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My bag is packed, unpacked, repacked. My route is planned, checked, rechecked. One of my fellow ‘Green Bandits’ (blog here, in Swedish) very kindly let me know a couple of days ago that he’d spoken to the wardens at Grövelsjön and the trails were nearly passable, so I’ve decided the time has come.

Tomorrow I’ll leave my little cottage by the sea to go and stay a night with my mum in Leeds, then Tuesday I’ll head south to see E at her folks’ place just outside London (she’s there for a couple of weeks before she heads to New Zealand to teach another ski season). From there, I’ll fly to Stockholm on Wednesday, and on Thursday I’ll head north to Grövelsjön, via a train to Mora and then a bus, arriving sometime after 7pm.

Fingers crossed for what I’ll find when I get there.

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