Tonight, Stockholm…

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Tomorrow evening, hopefully, I’ll arrive at Grövelsjön mountain station, and if the conditions are decent enough then the following day, on Midsummer’s Eve, I’ll start the long walk north.

In all likelihood, there will be a bit of radio silence for the next couple of weeks (I’ll be trying to keep the phone in juice for emergencies, and I might not have any reception anyway), but I’ll post updates when I can, and in the meantime I’ll be checking in periodically with a satellite beacon. If you fancy it, you can watch my creeping progress by going to and clicking ‘find me’ next to my name.

Right then. I think that’s that, apart from to humbly request that you cross fingers and toes for me. It’s a fair old way, and while adventures are inevitable, it’s far from certain that I will make it anywhere near the end. We shall see.

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