My Green Ribbon 2015 video

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I finally got round to stitching together the GoPro footage of my two-month hike through the Swedish mountains in summer 2015.

The Green Ribbon (or ‘Gröna Bandet’) is a long-distance challenge where you walk the length of the Scandinavian mountain range, travelling in either direction between Grövelsjön in the south and Treriksröset in the north. If you do it in the winter then it’s known as the White Ribbon. In total it took me 56 days, and the distance came in at around 1395km. If you’re interested, you can find lots more stuff under the Green Ribbon category tag.

Clearly I have not missed my vocation as a cameraman (or a video editor, for that matter), but the mountains are pretty and you can enjoy the spectacle of me transforming slowly into an increasingly deranged-looking ginger Brian Blessed.


4 comments on "My Green Ribbon 2015 video"

  1. I really enjoyed this video! It’s great to get a glimpse into your grand journey. Thanks for sharing!
    I hope to do gröna bandet myself one day – hopefully soon. Your video and reports certainly add to my desire to start walking right away.
    Cheers, Martin


    1. Thanks, Martin! And I hope you manage to do the trip yourself one day soon – you won’t regret it! Let me know if you’ve got any questions I can help with. Also I don’t know if you’ve found it but Mark Waring’s Green Ribbon blog at covers the Gröna Bandet in much more detail than I do on this blog (along with lots of other backpacking adventures). I found it really useful in planning my own trip.


  2. Excellent video, Joly! Nice to see such a long hike summarised and edited like this. It really captures the shifts in landscape, weather, and mood. Thanks also for the enjoyable write-up.
    Cheers, Birger (whom you have once met)

    Birger Andersson

    1. Hello Birger! Lovely to hear from you, and thank you for your kind comments! I was talking to Mark (the other English Green Ribboner who you and Lillemor met a couple of years earlier) after I finished, and he was amazed that I’d run into you as well. It’s a small old world. I hope life’s treating you well!


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