Snow, snow, go away

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Just a quick update for those interested in the progress of my summer adventure.

I was planning to start my Green Ribbon attempt this week, but unfortunately I’m going to have to delay getting my boots on the trail for the time being. After an unseasonably cold spring in northern parts, I’ve been advised that conditions in the mountains are pretty treacherous, with deep snow and meltwater pools, so I’ve decided it’s better to cool my heels metaphorically than physically.

It’s a bit frustrating, but there’s no point fretting about something you can’t change. At least two groups have already been forced to turn back on their first day out from Grövelsjön, and I would undoubtedly fare no better. All I can do is keep an eye on the situation and hope that it improves.

On the plus side, I have almost certainly been spared a misadventure, and for that I can only be grateful. I was informed about the unfortunate circumstance of the weather conditions through three different avenues (with an email from the organisers, a post from another group of walkers on the Green Ribbon Facebook page, and even a message on this blog from a fellow hiker), so while the situation is not ideal, I’m very thankful that various people took the time to get the message to me before I found myself having a rotten time in the mountains.

So for now, the bag is packed, the boots are waxed, and I’m ready to hit the road just as soon as the road is ready.

Just out of interest, here’s the current view from the webcam at Helags mountain station.

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