St Olav’s Way, in moving pictures

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As you may recall, I spent my July walking the St Olav Way pilgrim trail from Oslo to Trondheim.

I’ve finally got round to condensing a month of tramping, 640km and two hours of footage into a five-minute video. My filming is pretty shaky and my finger’s over the lens half the time, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

St Olav’s pilgrim trail, Norway from Joly Braime on Vimeo.

4 comments on "St Olav’s Way, in moving pictures"

  1. Hi Joly!
    Am going to read your blog after your mother’s recommendation!
    Perhaps you’d like to read mine? I don’t Tweet or use facebook, so restrict myself to WordPress. Still, I seem to get plenty of hits.
    Please keep my incognito!

    Marion Bond

    1. Hello Marion!

      Lovely to hear from you, and thanks so much for having a peek at my blog – shall head over to yours this morning for a read.

      Hope life’s treating you well,



  2. Joly, the Vimeo draws attention to the fact that you possess the world’s longest arms ;o) Joking asides, what an incredible adventure. Makes me want to go for a bit of a wander now…


    1. The wide-angle lens notwithstanding, they are actually disproportionately long. Like an orangutan. In fact, there is even an orangutan called Joly resident at Monkey World in Dorset (though she is a girl). Makes two of us.


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