Maternal matrimonials

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It was a rather special wedding on Saturday. We all headed over to the pretty old Norman church down the road, where Christian and I proceeded to walk our mother down the aisle. Later in the service, as Christian went up to sign the marriage register as a witness, the bride couldn’t resist hissing in a a stage whisper, ‘best handwriting!’

The sun shone as we came out of the church, and we spent a wonderful day eating and drinking well in the company of good friends.

After discovering the cartoon I’d scribbled up for T and Y’s wedding a few weeks ago, my mum decided she’d rather like one for her own order of service, though this time there were no stipluations about including helicopters. My new stepfather is an avid vintage motorcycle enthusiast, so I suppose I could have sketched one of those, but then by the time I’d shoehorned in a piano for my mum, I have a feeling it might have been getting a bit crowded on the back cover.


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