A compendium of campfire cookstrips

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Some years ago I used to draw campfire cookstrips for Scouting magazine. Presented in the style of Len Deighton’s famous 1960s illustrations from the Observer and the Action Cookbook, my own cookstrips featured campfire recipes submitted by endlessly inventive scout leaders.

Most of them went up on this blog when they were first published and are still buried down there in the archives, but I’ve been asked a couple of times if I could put them all in one place, as both images and PDF downloads. So here are all the ones I could find – scroll to the bottom for the PDFs if you need them.

Some don’t actually require a campfire (one of the most popular was ‘armpit fudge’) and there’s even one rather messy contribution from Baden-Powell himself.

mexican bean



turkey dinnertofuTrail barmoroccanpittapizzaDanish damperscookstrip 001cookstrip_sweetpotato_shaded_2bum-sandwichbakedapplesarmpit fudgecreamy chicken stewBP-bread


PDF downloads:

Mexican bean soup (PDF)

Turkey dinner in a ‘tater (PDF)

Tofu skewers (PDF)

Energy kick trail bars (PDF)

Moroccan veggie stew in one pot (PDF)

Pitta pocket pizzas (PDF)

Danish dampers (PDF)

Biscuit and apricot cream (PDF)

Baked sweet potatoes (PDF)

Bum sandwich (PDF)

Fire-baked apples (PDF)

Armpit fudge (PDF)

Creamy chicken stew (PDF)

Robert Baden-Powell’s bread recipe (PDF)

3 comments on "A compendium of campfire cookstrips"

  1. I’m not much of a cook but I quite fancy (and think I might manage) those trail bars…

    Chrissie Crowther

  2. These are brilliant, thank you for sharing them. I will be sharing these with the schools I work with during forest school sessions, crediting you of course

    Rachel Anne Murray

    1. Lovely! I’m so pleased they’re of use to you, Rachel. Good luck with the forest school sessions.


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