Hidden wartime remains and the language of wild beauty

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The latest issue of Ernest Journal hit doormats last week, including quite a few bits and bobs by me.


Along with quite a few smaller items, I’ve got a couple of longer articles in there. The first is on the hidden wartime remains that litter this island fortress of ours, from nuclear bunkers and tunnel complexes to pillboxes and Starfish sites – complete with wonderful illustrations from Harry Sussams.


This issue was created in partnership with Another Place Hotel on the shores of Ullswater, so there’s a whole section focusing on the North Lakes. Lucky fellows that we are, Charlie Dog and I managed to get a trip over there, and spent a day out and about with Lake District heritage guide Alex McCoskrie and local photographer Ryan Lomas. The result was an article about the Picturesque movement of the 1700s, and how the Lake District’s early tourists had to use the language of painting to describe the rugged beauty of the fells.


Of course there’s a lot more to Ernie than just the bits I wrote. The main destination feature this time is on the Faroe Islands, and there are loads of other articles including features on sea ice, living art, hitchhiking, going in search of wilderness on Dartmoor, and post office cats. Plus a wonderful piece on 1950s Himalayan adventurer Jennifer Bourdillon, written by my erstwhile walking buddy Matt Jones.

Also, Charlie Dog did a bit of modelling for the Another Place section. Look at him, doing his very best blue steel for photographer and all-round good chap Colin Nicholls.


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