Some cartoons of 2020

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In a year where I did very little of interest, I did draw quite a lot of cartoons in 2020.

I suppose I find it quite soothing. Apart from the relaxing nature of focusing on something frivolous, cartooning can sometimes be a way to trivialise things that annoy you and redirect your irritation into humour.

Much of what I drew ended up on social media, but I realised I hadn’t posted any of it on my blog, so I thought it might be fun to put up a selection for any sensible souls who keep well out of the chimp enclosure.

Looking back through the year’s scribbles, the pandemic itself obviously loomed large, along with the practicalities of lockdown and the orgy of wilful ignorance that has accompanied it all.

Mostly though I just scribbled straight-up gag cartoons. The sort of hit-or-miss jokes you used to find filling odd spaces in newspapers.

Apart from the old-school gag cartoons (sorry if any of them made you groan), I also found myself sketching up the odd caricature when I thought a politician particularly deserved it. Priti Patel’s ‘sorry-not-sorry’ non-apology for bullying her staff, Gav Williamson’s reign of chaos as education secretary, and of course Dom Cummings’s lockdown jaunt to County Durham to test his eyesight. Trump’s Twitter ban was a 2021 affair but I’ve included it because drawing him was such a joy.

In a year of ever-changing public health advice, U-turns, meaningless slogans and half-baked rules, we were never short of people telling us what to do – usually in as opaque and contradictory a way as possible. I occasionally felt the need to offer helpful advice of my own.

Anyway, here’s to plenty more Indian ink scrawled across the pages of 2021.

2 comments on "Some cartoons of 2020"

  1. I have just discovered you blog, Joly. The cartoons provided a good laugh on this dreary Saturday on the wet coast of Canada. I shall dig further into the blog over the next while.
    Your wit is particular to my humour wave length which resulted in some laugh out loud moments.
    Thanks for the amusements.
    Cheers. Holly

    Holly Rogers

    1. Hello Holly! So pleased the cartoons gave you a laugh or two. This blog has been rather neglected in the last couple of years but I used to post on here quite a bit so there is a fair old back catalogue – perhaps I should try and get back into it again…


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