Another mountain birthday

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Yesterday I turned thirty-two, and I couldn’t have asked for much more from a birthday. We had a day of classic mountain walking, on wide, well-marked trails, with clear skies. At the end of it we dropped down into Klimpfjäll, where a warm bed, a delicious reindeer pizza and several beers awaited. Along with a shot of ‘bäska droppar’, a face-warpingly bitter Swedish wormwood spirit which my walking companion insisted was essential for my continuing cultural education.

Today it’s back up onto the fells, and another five or so days to Hemavan. I’ll write more fully about this stretch when we get there, but for now suffice to say that my thirty-third year is off to a grand start.

2 comments on "Another mountain birthday"

  1. Joly, thanks for your help and care in connection with Gustav’s accident yesterday. He will come home tomorrow ( Monday morning) by train from Lycksele.
    Gustav’s parents

    Magnus Rosman

    1. No worries at all. In fact he more or less looked after himself while I just made hot chocolate and helped with the tasks that required more than one working hand. It’s just really sad that one slip on a rotten plank had such disastrous consequences after he’d got so far. Anyway, I’m hoping he recovers as quickly as possible, and it’s good to hear that he’s on his way home now.


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