Time travel is real. I have proof

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Is anyone else a massive fan of Retronaut? If you’ve never encountered it before, then they have a vast collection of fascinating historical images, which they present as ‘capsules’ from history. Their daily mail-out is the highlight of my afternoon.

One of my favourite things on Retronaut is a photo of a ‘time traveller’. You really need to click through and look at the picture for yourself, but what it appears to show is a man in anachronistic, modern-looking dress, attending the opening of a bridge in 1940s Canada.

Of course some po-faced mythbuster on Wikipedia has pointed out that his clothing is actually not particularly unusual for the period, and that he is clearly not a time traveller, but they are wrong, because I have spotted his distinctive profile in the Bayeux tapestry.

Look carefully.

Photo of the time traveller taken from Wikipedia

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