Dream a little dream

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You can tell a lot about someone from their ambitions.

As I was walking down to the Southwark Playhouse the other day (to see the excellent Superior Donuts), I passed a boarded-up shop front. Someone had washed it over with blackboard paint, then sprayed on it ‘Before I die I want to…’

The good people of Borough had clearly been annotating it with their own hopes and dreams for a while, and certain themes stood out.

Many people, for example, wanted to get married. Some of them had specific people in mind, while others were more looking for certain characteristics in an as-yet undefined soulmate. A lot of people wanted to travel.

One girl wanted ‘to make it as an actress’, while someone else wanted ‘a beautiful garden for everyone to share’.

Among such touching sentiments, others had more anatomical aspirations.

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