Hibernation time

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This is possibly my least favourite day of the year.

It goes against all natural instincts to starve your pet for a fortnight then stick him in a Chinese takeaway box in the fridge for six weeks. But I am assured it must be done. My pamphlet on tortoise care states sternly that ‘you cannot cheat nature’, but this doesn’t make me feel much better as I avoid his accusing gaze, tying the lid on his little box so he doesn’t get out and start binge-eating his way through the salad crisper.

Sleep tight, little man.


2 comments on "Hibernation time"

  1. Hi,

    Entertaining blog but, your photograph accompanying your comments about the loss of the Admiral Von Tromp trawler is misleading.
    The picture is actually of the “Cretablock”, I shan’t bore you with that vessel was, it’s easily researchable online.
    But suffice to say, it is not the Admiral !

    Michael Kilpatrick

    1. Hi Michael, and thank you for correcting me! I’d never heard of the Cretablock. Fascinating stuff – I didn’t even know one could make boats out of concrete. I’ll get the blog corrected when I get a chance. Thanks again for visiting the blog, and for introducing me to another bit of local knowledge!


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