Armpit fudge

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Not an appetising name for something you might put in your mouth, but this was one of the most fun recipes the Scouts have ever sent me to illustrate.

Once again, the animation is glorious, and rather puts my static version to shame.

‘Yer in for a treat, like’

2 comments on "Armpit fudge"

  1. I’m a Beaver Scout Leader and love your illustrations of these fun Scouting recipes. Are they available as a PDF that we can print so we can use them with the Beavers?


    1. Hi Susie. I’m so glad you like the illustrations. Unfortunately I’m not sure they were ever published as PDFs by the Scouts, but if you drop me an email at letting me know which ones you’d like then I can generate some PDFs from the original image files and send you them over.


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