A pint pot of short-term cheer

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Last night I met my old mate Jon for a couple too many pints at the Real Ale Taproom.

In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s a pop-up bar in one of the empty units on Islington’s Upper Street (number 163), with a few benches, a narrow bar with no pumps and a lofty rack of ale kegs and wine bottles behind. There’s a slow cooker full of stew on the bar, some angsty paintings slung up on the walls and a couple of bodged together MDF bog cubicles downstairs, but otherwise it’s all pretty spartan.

The various offerings are chalked on the wall in a long list, so Jon and I took a pew and worked our way through. A rather lovely way to spend an evening, and also an excellent way to make yourself late for work the next day.

It’s only there for a month, so if you like good beer I’d recommend you find a couple of hours in the next week or so to stop by. Tends to be open from Wednesdays to Saturdays (it closed at midnight last night), and if you want to find out what’s on tap there’s a Twitter feed where they post up their beers.


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  1. This sounds excellent. I will check it out.


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