Mercy of monochrome

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Everyone seems to look better with the colour stripped out.

While I was strolling through Florence the other week, I came upon a black and white photo booth, tucked behind an ugly municipal building that reeked of ammonia. At two euros for four pictures, and a three-minute wait for the strip of photos to develop, I decided (presumably like everyone else who walks past) that the novelty was irresistible.

I may not have taken the pictures entirely seriously, but I remember reading once in some marketing material for Ray Ban about the number of hearts over the decades that have allegedly been made to skip a beat by a glance over the top of a pair of Wayfarers. Behold, I have tested the theory, and I think I can already hear the thuds as ladies across the internet swoon at their computers.

Though it may just be the radiator cooling down.

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  1. I want one of those pictures


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