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Could anything be more pleasing than getting paid to go on strolls and write about them? Or to work for magazines that you read anyway?

The Great Outdoors very kindly agreed to let me write a few North York Moors walks for them, and the first one appeared in the November issue, which hit my doormat this lunchtime.

I’m in the Wild Walks section at the back, and once it goes up online I’ll post a link to the article.

Best of all, because I’m new, they even put me on the contributors’ page, looking suitably rugged and hikerly. It’s the little things.

TGO contributor page Nov 2015

2 comments on "Contributor to The Great Outdoors"

  1. So cool, this sounds like it would be a perfect job!

    London Accountants Lady

  2. Poached! I knew this would happen…


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