Emerging from the tunnels

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Eleven years in London, and it never loses its potential to surprise me.

Last Saturday, I was returning mid-afternoon from a conference at the Gatwick Hilton. I had singularly failed to do the website testing that was the object of my attendance, but I did have a pleasant chat with a man with a skull and crossbones tattoo on his head, and helped a nice lady with a laryngectomy track down her phone, so it was by no means a wasted day.

I was waiting on the tube platform at Kings Cross, when instead of the northbound Piccadilly line train I was expecting, what sidled up was an old engine pulling ten scruffy yellow wagons of reddish-grey rubble.

That’s never happened before.

tube rubble piccadilly line

2 comments on "Emerging from the tunnels"

  1. I’ve seen one of them a couple of times Homb but I agree they do look a bit out of place in the tube. Bet you were half inclined to hop on board eh?


    1. Had a work laptop and a new tweed suit on Homb, otherwise you can bet I’d have hopped on board and ridden it all the way to the massive secret underground quarry, then rescued all the kidnapped Indian children and retrieved some glowing rocks from a priest with a Nigerian accent.


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