April fool

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I fondly remember the occasion, in a previous place of employment, when we posted a news story on our website claiming that a new Muppets feature film was being produced. For a chance to star in the film, and be paid £1000, all members of the public had to do was send us a picture of themselves pretending to be a Muppet, with the subject line ‘I am a Muppet’. There were some beauties.

April Fools’ Day is a magnificent institution, and it’s difficult to pick an all-time favourite. I loved it when the Guardian launched a real-time blog counting down to the royal wedding, (provoking righteous ire in its intellectually superior yet humourless readers), but I also have a soft spot for the Brighton DJ who fooled hundreds of people into an abortive day trip when he announced that a life-size replica of the Titanic would be sailing past Beachy Head.

This year brought a few that pleased me. At a more highbrow level, I enjoyed Tom Malinowski’s resignation from Human Rights Watch, while at the other end of the scale, Google Nigeria made me snigger.

My favourite April fool of 2012 though came from Warby Parker eyewear. For a couple of years I have hankered after a pair of their snappy yet reasonably-priced frames, (sadly only available over the pond, as far as I can tell), and it’s probably a good indication of how stylish they are that they even look good on dogs.

Lastly, few companies have such a crafty appreciation of their audience as Lynx. Imagine my surprise to see my old housemate Will in their April Fools’ Day viral.

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