And so it begins

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After seven and a half years, ten housemates and a lot of good times, I’ve finally moved out of my London flat.

There are wider life schemes afoot, but I’m beginning by walking St Olav’s Way, the old Norwegian pilgrim trail from Oslo to Trondheim. It’s around four hundred miles, so should take me about a month of traipsing to get there.

Almost all my belongings are in storage, and last night I slept on the floor in an empty flat, waking up this morning to lock up for the final time and head to the airport. The feeling was exciting but uncertain, and perhaps a little sad, like shedding an old life but without a new one to step into. Though I suppose this kind of limbo is rather the point. A bit of blank space.

Tonight I’m in a hotel in Central Oslo, then tomorrow morning I pick up my pack and start walking. Who knows what could happen?

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