A short guide to the Norwegian pilgrim trail

When Dave Tett, Dave Briceland and I walked the St Olav pilgrim trail in Norway last summer, we were surprised to find there wasn’t an English-language guidebook in print [Update August 2015 – there is apparently a new edition, available at pilgrim centres and from Amazon].

So Dave T and I have put together our own short guide. My InDesign skills are not as elegant as my prose, but Dave’s photos are beautiful, so hopefully that makes up for it.

It doesn’t currently contain detailed route guidance (perhaps I’ll add some if I can arrange a couple of months to do it properly), but there’s loads of useful general information on walking the trail, including some stuff we’d have liked to have known before we started.

We’d love to hear any feedback, both positive and negative, so drop me a line using contact@jolybraime.co.uk or add a comment if you fancy.

If you need any further persuasion to block out a month in the calendar and get your boots on, then have a look at my video of the trail and Dave’s photos.

Download a guide to the St Olav pilgrim trail (updated Jan 2016) (PDF) (6.3MB)

Photo: David Tett

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