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The fellow in the picture below is my great uncle Joe. It was taken in 1916, when he was 17 years old. Family lore is that he never fully recovered from injuries sustained during a poison gas attack, and he … Continue reading

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Not-so-logical Levisham

There are few tests of clutch control quite like coming up against a hefty and stubbornly immoveable highland cow as you’re climbing a 1-in-5 slope. But then the Victorian villagers of Levisham, up on the North York Moors, might have … Continue reading

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Dress like it’s Downton

Is anyone else getting a bit bored of Downton Abbey? I used to quite like it, but I think it’s probably gone a season or two beyond its sell-by date. These days they’re recycling storylines more or less wholesale, and … Continue reading

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Hawthorn sauce

The valley between Goathland and Grosmont is a prime foraging ground. In the spring it’s an excellent place to find wild garlic, and lately it’s been rich in sloes, haws, rosehips and even wildling apples. My excursion of a few … Continue reading

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To me, to you

A former colleague of mine (and all-round splendid bloke) was leaving his job for a new life in Glasgow the other day, and someone asked if I wanted to scribble a picture for the little book they were putting together … Continue reading

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