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In search of pubs and the picturesque

My most recent moorland walk was a fact-finding mission. I’ve realised two things lately: 1. Though I spend a great deal of time roaming around on the moors and in the woods, I rarely venture down into the valleys, where … Continue reading

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The white cliffs of Yorkshire

As I walked into the little moorland village of Grosmont, the first thing I saw was a Spitfire in the station car park. I’ve written before about the North York Moors Railway, but in brief, it is an excellent enterprise … Continue reading

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St Olav’s Way, in moving pictures

As you may recall, I spent my July walking the St Olav Way pilgrim trail from Oslo to Trondheim. I’ve finally got round to condensing a month of tramping, 640km and two hours of footage into a five-minute video. My … Continue reading

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Baking spent grain bread

I’m a bit uncomfortable about waste. Not particularly on account of economic necessity, but because when I think about all the time and effort that’s gone into growing something, manufacturing it, or even raising and killing it, some instinct rebels … Continue reading

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Springs and neaps

Sandsend, the village at the bottom of the hill, has the best high tides. The grey North Sea boils and booms, pounding against the sea wall and somersaulting back into itself with a deep, wet thump. Jets of spray fountain … Continue reading

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The motivational lessons of James Bond novels

There’s a tendency to underrate the perceptive capacities of thriller writers. You get so bound up in the pace and action of a plot that observations that would give you pause for thought in a more pedestrian work are left … Continue reading

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Harvest time at the oast cottage

It’s that time of year again. The fields are reduced to stubble, the apple trees in some parts of the country are already picked clean (hello, climate change), schoolchildren are collecting tinned goods to send to Africa, and in a … Continue reading

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