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Adventures of a 1920s Braime

For a bit of variety, today’s post is a sort of guest blog from my grandfather. Grandpa Braime was a colourful and adventurous character: an industrialist, aviator and lifelong motorist; a botanist and collector of air mail stamps, and a … Continue reading

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Blakey Topping. And fog.

The other week, as I stood atop Simon Howe on a clear, sunny morning, I looked across at the distinct hump of Blakey Topping in the distance and thought ‘that will be my next target’. Somehow this translated into a … Continue reading

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Simon Howe

I have a new second-favourite viewpoint on the North York Moors. My favourite is still Danby Beacon (which has become a sort of place of pilgrimage any time I’m in the general vicinity), but soaring to the number two spot … Continue reading

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Last of the season

Whenever I see the bilberry mentioned online or in books, it often seems to be preceded by the word ‘humble’. The humble bilberry. And I can never work out why, because surely something which isn’t generally commercially available, which likes … Continue reading

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Sea mist

Of course it’s lovely when the sun shines, but I also have a soft spot for those days on the east coast when a sea fret rolls damply in off the North Sea, blanketing the villages in a thick, soft … Continue reading

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Adders and lonely places

Much as it’s always exciting to go where the path doesn’t, it can also be bloody hard work. As you struggle through thick, chest-high bracken, sticky ropes of goosegrass tangle round your legs and waist, brambles tear at your exposed … Continue reading

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The cautionary tale of the Saltersgate Inn

[Update April 2018. A planning decision last week marked the end of the road for the remains of the former Saltersgate Inn. Looks like there was no way to save the old building, but it’s grand that the site is … Continue reading

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Visit Lythe

The other day at Ormesby Hall there were loads of vintage travel posters pinned up on the walls in the old servants’ quarters at the top of the building. I always love these. They’re relics of an age where travel … Continue reading

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Magic plastic and tiny trains

Even as a small boy, I already possessed that coveted talisman of middle age known as the National Trust life membership card. My father being a Yorkshireman, and reasoning quite sensibly that if you’re going to wring real value out … Continue reading

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