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It’s years since I went to a proper country show. Probably about fifteen or twenty years, actually, to the point where my memories are hazy at best. The other day, though, was Egton Show, one of the biggest in the … Continue reading

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Hard lines for Hoovers

I was reassured to learn today that the EU is waging a brutal war on inefficient vacuum cleaners. Good to know they’ve got our back.

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A peek into the secret gardens

[Edit, Dec 2019 – Since I wrote this half a decade ago, the estate has updated its website, and there’s now a nice article about the gardens by Lady Normanby, complete with some lovely aerial shots.] The village I’m living … Continue reading

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Roaming in Newtondale

Yesterday I gave in to my itching feet and set out for a stroll on the moors. The initial object of my walk was to track down a fine-looking swimming spot which Christian and I glimpsed from the window of … Continue reading

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Fifty shades of statistics

Remarkable the things you find when you’re moving house. A couple of years ago, I had a freelance job writing an ebook guide to Fifty Shades of Grey. Sort of like York notes, so people could get an idea of … Continue reading

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Starting a new chapter

The term ‘a new life’ should really only ever be used of babies, since whatever major adjustments you might make to your existence, you’re still carting a whole lot of luggage and experience with you. Still, my own existence has … Continue reading

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From the great man himself

This month’s cookstrip for the Get Active supplement of Scouting magazine is a little unusual. Partly because the editors gave me a full page for a change, and partly because they were mining the archives for a bit of a … Continue reading

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Some proper photos of St Olav’s Way

I mentioned that my old mate Dave Tett was walking part of the trail with me, but for those who don’t know him, I forgot to mention that Dave is a professional photographer. He’s put a couple of batches of … Continue reading

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Boots unlaced

It was around lunchtime on a hot, bright Saturday when we crossed the churchyard at Nidaros cathedral in Trondheim, threaded our way with difficulty through the crowds gathered under the imposing frontage for the penultimate day of St Olav’s festival, … Continue reading

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