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Pumpkin head

If The Nightmare Before Christmas was real, and each festival in the calendar really did have its own little kingdom, then I would belong firmly in Bonfire Night Land. It is my family’s big night of the year and I … Continue reading

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Hallowe’en for geeks

Ever heard of a zombie webpage? Apparently it’s where a page is deleted from the content management system but still somehow appears on the website. A colleague of mine sent round an email about these the other day. He was … Continue reading

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Writing on the wall

I have mixed feelings about graffiti. Sometimes it can be quite clever (though rarely as clever as it thinks it is), sometimes it can be quite beautiful, and sometimes it can be a simple and harmless expression of individuality in … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon freelancing

It’s always nice to have some company.

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Pitta pocket pizzas

My latest cookstrip is out, once again drawn from a recipe by the jerky king, Derek Wright. And as a bonus, Leona Smith at The Scout Association has made it into a lovely animation. It’s brilliant when people take your … Continue reading

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Emerging from the tunnels

Eleven years in London, and it never loses its potential to surprise me. Last Saturday, I was returning mid-afternoon from a conference at the Gatwick Hilton. I had singularly failed to do the website testing that was the object of … Continue reading

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