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Esio Trot

This summer, I bade farewell to my twenties. They were largely squandered, but I think I enjoyed the squandered bits more than the rest, so maybe I ought to re-evaluate some of my definitions. Of course I got several excellent … Continue reading

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Sensitive cover design

The other week I was reading My Friend the Mercenary by James Brabazon. It’s actually a very well-written and intelligent book about the practical and moral complexities of war reportage (particularly freelance stuff), the often hurrendous state of West African … Continue reading

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I made a knife the other day. Speaking as a man who spends most of his life cranking out words, pictures, spreadsheets and diagrams that exist mostly on screens, it’s nice to produce a real, tangible thing from time to … Continue reading

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Modest beginnings of urban orchards

Sitting in my back yard on Sunday afternoon, engrossed in some freelance proofreading and wrapped up in a jerkin against the incipient autumnal weather, I heard a loud thump. I always fancied owning an orchard. Apples are the fruit of … Continue reading

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Le Mans and the Nuit des Chimères

I spent the most recent bank holiday weekend in France. My old mate C was getting hitched in a fairytale castle in Pays de la Loire on the Friday, so the young lady and I decided to make a long … Continue reading

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I’ve never really been a ‘gear’ sort of person. Generally when it comes to outdoorsy apparatus I tend to get something decent then use it year after year until it’s worn out. Having said that, I’ve tried quite a variety … Continue reading

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