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On Friday, in a highly uncommon display of romance, I took my girlfriend to Venice for the weekend. I attempted to conceal our true destination by claiming that we were going to Butlins in Bognor Regis (I couldn’t resist adding … Continue reading

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Call Will Smith

My girlfriend, E, lives in Buckhurst Hill, a couple of stops from the north-eastern end of the Central Line. It is comfortable and leafy suburbia, with an unmistakeable dash of Essex. Life in the ‘Buckhurst Hill bubble’, however, is apparently … Continue reading

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Keep it up all day

It’s not every day you save yourself a significant amount of money with a dab of hair product. During the last spell of sodden weather, the front door of my building got damp, and swelled up to the point where … Continue reading

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Some time ago my uncle bought me a hop vine for my birthday. It arrived through the post in a small wooden box, and in the years since I planted it out it has completely taken over the old rose … Continue reading

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The Calanques

At Suginot the water swarms around the rock fall, Turquoise and empty. The round power of tides grasps like a pulse. The bending pine branches are green hands Cupping water, anointing the scree with polka dots. The white couple fend … Continue reading

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Sweet tooth

The fellow who usually devises my recipes was busy on another article for the latest magazine, so I used one that a reader sent in. I think it sounds rather tasty, sort of like a campfire tiramisu.

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