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The end of the adventure

In a rather exciting development, a poet friend of mine, Mattias Thomas, has agreed to give me a poem each week to put up on this blog. A small circle of us have been enjoying these for years, and now … Continue reading

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Terra Nova

Today marks 100 years since the last entry in Robert Falcon Scott’s diary. I was talking to my friend C yesterday and we both agreed that, the more you see and read about the Terra Nova expedition in this centenary … Continue reading

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Signs of spring #2

Apart from the floral signs of spring, there are also other indications that warmer weather is on the way, including the annual phenomenon known as Tit Monday. Every year, my friend J surveys the streets of London keenly, and I … Continue reading

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Signs of spring #1

I’m always surprised by how quickly spring comes on. It’s not quite the explosion of life that you find in countries further north, but even so. One week it’s cold winds and bare trees, and a couple of weeks later … Continue reading

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Skills for life

A colleague came over asking the editorial team, both of whom had been scouts, if we could help her to roll and tie a scout neckerchief. The days of the woggle are gone, and these days it is tied in … Continue reading

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Seen my cookstrips before? Here’s the latest one. I quite enjoy doing these, so if you happen to know a good recipe that I could draw up then do send me a postcard. Send me a postcard anyway if you … Continue reading

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Jacks of all trades

One facet of my current employment is editing and uploading a blog even more niche than my own. It has a very small but dedicated readership, and consists mainly of slightly cryptic accounts of things that important people talked about … Continue reading

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The age of the spider

It’s always difficult to pick a favourite comic book character, assuming you are the kind of unabashed escapist who reads the things. Shades of moral grey seem to be a recurring theme among my own preferences. Proinsias Cassidy, Gambit, Agent … Continue reading

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