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Why people with nut allergies should avoid British Airways

I’ve written before about the occasional trials of living with a nut allergy, and how it’s generally not all that bad. That was until I found myself flying long haul with British Airways. Between their vastly unhelpful customer service, their … Continue reading

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Further correspondence with National Express

A couple of weeks ago I sat down with a bottle of wine and drafted this measured response to a run-in with a ticket inspector that same morning. A reply, apparently usually provided within five working days, does not seem … Continue reading

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Dear National Express

Dear National Express, I am writing to ask you to remove the tracking device which you have concealed somewhere about my person. On weekday mornings, when I arrive on the platform at Walthamstow in time for the 8.33 to Chingford, … Continue reading

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Dear Pricilia

I just found this old reply that I once sent in response to an email I received at work. Oddly enough they never got back to me. Dear Pricilia, Really sorry but I shall have to turn down your very … Continue reading

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