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The other week I ran the London Marathon. It was pretty hard work. If I’m honest, my rather casual training regime (all three months of it) was probably not sufficient, and my decision to ignore any refuelling strategy (on the … Continue reading

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Dream a little dream

You can tell a lot about someone from their ambitions. As I was walking down to the Southwark Playhouse the other day (to see the excellent Superior Donuts), I passed a boarded-up shop front. Someone had washed it over with … Continue reading

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Before sunset

I was obliged to move desks last week. My new desk is about two thirds the size of my old one, but I don’t mind at all. Because it is a window seat on the fourteenth floor of a tower … Continue reading

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Writing on the wall

I have mixed feelings about graffiti. Sometimes it can be quite clever (though rarely as clever as it thinks it is), sometimes it can be quite beautiful, and sometimes it can be a simple and harmless expression of individuality in … Continue reading

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Emerging from the tunnels

Eleven years in London, and it never loses its potential to surprise me. Last Saturday, I was returning mid-afternoon from a conference at the Gatwick Hilton. I had singularly failed to do the website testing that was the object of … Continue reading

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Routemaster serenades

‘I always wondered why people didn’t play gigs on buses…’ announced the band’s lead singer, wedging his head tightly into a hollow in the roof of the top deck and just managing to keep himself upright as the old routemaster … Continue reading

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Carnivorous morsels

It’s odd that the feeling of ignorance you get from visiting the Pig and Butcher on Liverpool Road should be so enjoyable. Seven and a bit years ago now, in the days when I wrote and edited for Itchy, what … Continue reading

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Down the pipe

A morning commute can be a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Gone are those blessed mornings when I used to walk to work, or the later era when I was lucky enough to commute out of London on half-empty trains. These days … Continue reading

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A pint pot of short-term cheer

Last night I met my old mate Jon for a couple too many pints at the Real Ale Taproom. In case you haven’t heard about it, it’s a pop-up bar in one of the empty units on Islington’s Upper Street … Continue reading

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Islington crossing

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